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[Fic] Productivity

Original Fiction -- Writing Fiction Assignment
Warnings: Lesbians, disgusting amounts of fluff
Rating: PG-13 for a curse, "Using the Lord's name in vain," and lesbians. 

Productivity = 100% - [(100 - Distance) + t {t in units of minutes}]

Jane stared down at the study guide, willing the answers to come to her. But math never came easy to her, let alone physics, and Jane was left wondering why she took this class again. Someone dropped a book in the quiet classroom and her eyes jumped up to land on the only reason she took this stupid class.

Kaylee Anderson. Soft hair lying flat on her shoulders, a thin, barely amused face, and a soft laugh as Kaylee listened to a friend of hers. Jane all but tripped herself up whenever the other girl walked by, and couldn’t seem to speak a word of proper English whenever Kaylee spoke to her. On a belated note, the book that fell hadn’t even been in the same direction of Kaylee, but did that stop her eyes? Noooooo.

Determined to get at the bare minimum a C on this next test, to prove to at least herself that she wasn’t simply a sheep following her crush, Jane quickly stared back down at her questions. And stared. Some of these formulas looked like Picasso drawings. Did she even put them in her notes? Because clearly they never went over half of these.

Jane reached down to her backpack, eyes staring at the way Kaylee pushed a lock of hair out of her eyes, and took out her notebook followed by her reading glasses. She pointedly ignored everyone around her as she pushed the glasses onto her face to try and see if those equations looked any differently when she was wearing her glasses.

They didn’t.

Cross-checking her notes, Jane tried to answer the questions and read her despicable handwriting. The formula for density was mass… over… temperature? Time? Oh that wasn’t a T. Mass over Volume.

Kaylee brought a delicate hand up to her lips and brushed over her knuckles absently, gaze staring down at her own physics notes. Jane glared at her own when she looked down and begged them to inform her who Bernoulli was and what principle they were talking about.

Kaylee chewed on her lower lip as she thought in depth about deep, very deep, thoughts.

Archimedes was last unit… right? Disheveled notes revealed that not only was he two units ago, but she had missed out on all of last unit. Well, except for maybe a word or two, but none of them looked like they were in English and Oh yeah. That was the unit where Kaylee sat next to Jane. No wonder there was nothing productive from the notes.

Kaylee twirled a lock of hair around her painted finger.

Gravity was 9.81 meters per second… Jesus Christ, how was she supposed to figure out how long it takes for a ball to fall three floors?

Kaylee tapped her pencil on the desk.

Acceleration is… speed over time? Then what was velocity??

Kaylee bent over her notes to erase a portion of—holy damn.

A squared plus B squared equals C squared?

Kaylee’s eyes were waiting for Jane’s.

It didn’t even register that Kaylee was making eye contact with her for a few blinks. But then Jane felt all the blood in her body rush to her face and Jane wanted desperately to look away but she just… couldn’t.

Kaylee smiled at her, a little laugh tickling the edges of her lips.

Jane was pretty sure she was going to fail that test.